• Kim Kriesel

Why is Postpartum Depression Underdiagnosed?

This week, Rio Salado College's KJZZ explored Postpartum Depression with "conversations about the most common complication of childbirth." As we've discussed, 1 in 5 women will develop it, but don't realize it because they don't receive the proper screening either at all, or until months after their baby is born. I was very honored to be part of their educational outreach, including hearing from one of my patients, Alex Lyons, who was able to be be screened and get the help that she needed. You can listen to her interview with with KJZZ's Lauren Gilger HERE. And here is the transcript of my interview with Gilger and the live recording as well, HERE. Thank you to Lauren, Alex and KJZZ for sharing this information so that we can inform others so that they can recognize the signs and ask for help and in hopes that screenings become the norm and not the exception.

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