Well Mamas Presents:

Beyond the Bump

New Mom Workshop

Connection, Support, Education and Tools to Empower you

Through the First Year and Beyond

Begins August 15, 2019


6:00-7:30 pm

Gilbert, AZ

Queen Creek & Lindsay

Call or email to register




 The first year of motherhood is full of excitement but also change, uncertainty, and role transition.  Beyond the Bump will provide an opportunity for new moms to learn, listen, share, support and feel connection. 


BTB is facilitated by clinicians who specialize in maternal and infant mental health.  A judgment-free zone for where mommy wars are left at the door.  BTB mamas support and empower one another regardless of their parenting style - bottle or breast, crib or co-sleeper, purees or baby led. 

Learn healthy ways to adjust to the "new norm" of mom life including changes in body, sleep, responsibilities, and overall physical, spiritual, and emotional health. 

Discover how to find a favorable balance between the needs of mom and baby. 

Listen and learn as guest speakers share their expertise in the areas of nutrition, feeding, sleep, infant development and more. 

Share the highs and lows with other new moms on days when you feel overwhelmed. 

Come find your tribe! 

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